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 Application for LVL 3

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Location : USA
Registration date : 2008-08-31

Application for LVL 3 Empty
PostSubject: Application for LVL 3   Application for LVL 3 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31 2008, 16:09

Game name?: betel_nut

First name?: Chris

Age?: 14

Location?: USA

Preferred clas or classes?: medic, engi

What bot or bots do you use?: icev2

What other servers do you play on?:Google Oldskool

How much XP do you have on the above servers?: 65k (lvl 2)

When are you available to do a try out?:any time, i am in eastern time zone, plz assign me a time and date for my try out and i will let u guys know if i can make it

Please tell us why you would like to join *{AEU}*?:fun

What can you do to help this clan?: i can regulate the server, prolly get more connections to other clans, maybe srims

Do you have any special abilites (example can you make sigs, design a forum or write configuration files)?: i can prolly make sigs,im teachable

Only a Level 10, 11 or 12 can do your try out.

You must be accepted by both the owner and the clan member who has done your try out.
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Application for LVL 3
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