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 Application of old =SAE= member - Mikey

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Location : Poland, Tychy
Registration date : 2009-01-17

PostSubject: Application of old =SAE= member - Mikey   Sat Jan 17 2009, 14:18

Hello all! I haven't played ET for a long time and I haven't realized that the =SAE= don't exist. So, maybe I'll be able to join "new =SAE="?

Game name?:Enemy Territory

First name?:Michael



Preferred clas or classes?:Covert Ops, Field Ops

What bot or bots do you use?:Iprokka or Skullcrusher

What other servers do you play on?:actually none

How much XP do you have on the above servers?:-

When are you available to do a try out?:Now ;D? I think every day from afternoon to evening/night

Please tell us why you would like to join *{AEU}*?:I was in =SAE= and I had a lot of fun on this server with you guys. I think I wouldn't dissapoint you.

What can you do to help this clan?:I can keep the server clean. I like helping people and giving them helpful advices.

Do you have any special abilites (example can you make sigs, design a forum or write configuration files)?:Not really :/ I'm not so good in HTML of something. But I can give some fresh ideas Wink
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Application of old =SAE= member - Mikey
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