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 Level 7 Applications ($7USD or EURO)

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Grim Reaper

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Level 7 Applications ($7USD or EURO) Empty
PostSubject: Level 7 Applications ($7USD or EURO)   Level 7 Applications ($7USD or EURO) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24 2008, 07:21

Please post your applications here if you are wanting to become level 7 in *{AEU}* clan.

To make it easier for you copy and paste these questions into a new thread(post) and post it in the forum topic thank you.

Game name?:

First name?:



Preferred clas or classes?:

What bot or bots do you use?:

What other servers do you play on?:

How much XP do you have on the above servers?:

When are you available to do a try out?:

Please tell us why you would like to join *{AEU}*?:

What can you do to help this clan?:

Do you have any special abilites (example can you make sigs, design a forum or write configuration files)?:

Only a Level 10, 11 or 12 can do your try out.

You must be accepted by both the owner and the clan member who has done your try out.

Level 7 Applications ($7USD or EURO) Eat_your_soul_by_newless
Level 7 Applications ($7USD or EURO) Grimreaper_by_grimreaper120
Level 7 Applications ($7USD or EURO) When_all_is_Lost_by_Blazing_Angel
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Level 7 Applications ($7USD or EURO)
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